Hello my name is Udom my nickname is Bank or Banky. I come from the North part of Thailand called Chiang Mai. I have been in Australia since 2003, and now I am an Australian citizen. I worked in the hotel industry back in my country before moving to Sydney.

I graduated Business Administration back in Thailand and worked in the Four Seasons Chiang Mai Hotel for 5 years. I quite like the time there but life moves on, so I came to Australia and studied English at TAFE for 4 months before commencing a Diploma in Children’s Services at Randwick TAFE for 2 years. I had continue studying after finishing at Randwick due to my overseas student visa conditions at that time. I studied Hospitality Management at MEGT Institute in Sydney and earned myself another Diploma in this field. During my study time I had been working in different child care centers across Sydney but mostly doing casual jobs. I then got a full time job at Roseberry Child Care Centre for a few years before starting to work at Lee’s Learning Centre. I have worked at Lee’s Learning Centre since the first day the centre opened. I have loved every minute of my time in this place. I have great Director, wonderful colleagues and the most gorgeous children in the world.

In my home I love playing soccer and tennis, and driving my car out on the weekend, and I also love travelling. Please feel free to come and talk to me about anything related to the children, sport or travel in Thailand, and I will be happy to help.