I have 2 children attend Lee’s Learning Centre over the past 6 years. The most pleasing part is that both of my children have enjoyed attending each morning, they always come home with a smile on their face and can’t wait to tell us about their day. They have developed many friendships that have continued outside of the centre.I have always found the staff to be caring towards our children and have shown a clear interest in their personal development. During the learning time our children have been exposed to a wide range of topics and I am continually surprised by the different things that they learn at Lee’s each day.The centre is clean, comfortable and well resourced. Our children love the food and we find that it has helped create healthy eating habits. Lee’s Learning Centre has retained a core staffing group that we met on the first day. We have and continue to recommend Lee’s Learning Centre to people that we meet.​

Rachel Loughry

Both of our children have attended Lee’s Learning Centre and we have always felt confident that they are in good hands. The staff are fantastic, they show genuine care for the children and really take the time to get to know each child as an individual, so that they can offer them the best care. It’s striking how calm the children are as they are engrossed in the diverse activities that the staff devise. Often the activities are guided by the children’s interests and introduce them to new skills and concepts. We can see how much our children are learning and love seeing the smiles on their faces as they recount the fun they’ve had at day-care.

Tracey Pearce

After relocating from Brisbane, we were eager to find a centre that had a strong educational focus and fostered a close community feel. I struck it lucky when I called Lee’s Learning Centre. The passion, friendliness, and commitment to education from Lee-Lin, convinced me this was the centre I wanted my kids to go to.

What stands out most is the dedication from every staff member. From Tim in the Blue room to Ruby in the Purple room, the staff focus on ensuring the children are happy and busy learning, but they also actively work to make it the great centre it is, and to encourage parent and grand parent involvement. For example Banky organising Skype conferences so my son can speak to his grand parents in New Zealand, Jamie recycling materials to ensure the kids have new things to play with, Bianka checking up on how my eldest is doing at school, and Carla and Rana showing concern because our youngest is afraid of storms. I could go on.

My husband and I feel blessed that we’ve found this centre and cannot recommend it highly enough. It literally is the reason we have not moved out of the area.

Natalie Foxon

We are grandparents from New Zealand. One of our grandsons has graduated from Lee’s Learning Centre. The other has been attending since the age of 6 months and will continue until he is 5 years old. We are over here in Sydney 2 or 3 times a year, usually for a fortnight or longer, and deliver/pickup the children daily. Hence we have got to know the staff well and particularly Lee-Lin who always has time for a chat. We have been involved with both Kindergartens and Day Care Centres in New Zealand. Lee’s Learning Centre would be, by far, the most outstanding pre school facility that we have been involved with, it has been a real privilege to see this centre in action. There is a very strong emphasis on education – at all levels. Child safety is obviously a very high priority – physical and emotional. We have got to know the staff well and are impressed with their teaching methods, their calm control of the children and their empathetic approach. As grandparents we find all the staff easy to converse with; each of them know our grandsons well and are able to offer constructive advice if necessary. The whole centre has a strong commitment to family and community; at the time of writing a substantial amount of funds has been raised to purchase a piece of medical equipment for the children’s hospital. We would unreservedly recommend this pre-school educational centre to any parents looking for a quality day care facility for their children.

Jon and Sharon Foxon

We have had our children at Lees Learning for almost 7 years now and have been so happy it’s hard to ever imagine leaving! Our two boys have been cared for by the most professional, friendly, well-educated staff who have all been instrumental to their development and happiness. They have also enjoyed beautiful healthy meals prepared from scratch by the wonderful chef Jamie.

Most of the staff have all been around since we arrived which is testament to the amazing leadership of Centre Director, Lee-Lin.

Not a single day goes by when we haven’t left for work (happy and content) that they are in such good hands. We couldn’t ask for a better kindy.

Claudia & Marc